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Generate your own AI portraits BeautyCam helps you see a more beautiful self. Full body mode + aesthetic filters = effortless fashion shoot Beautycam AI Art - generates animated photos with one click Beautify function lets you shoot stress free The smartphone is better than a DSLR. Be the main character in each shot. ----- Beautiful moments exclusively yours ------- 【Original Mode】 The ultimate secret of Instagram aesthetic photos is: naturally glowing skin. Restore your true beauty with a mirror-like shooting experience. 【Beautify Function】 With features such as one-tap auto-retouching, skin/hair correction, slimming, leg-lengthening, spot removal, and more, you can look as good as you feel. 【AI Smart Beauty】 This new function brings you trending makeup looks, a variety of lip tints, blushes, colored contacts, etc. With it, you can skip makeup. 【Style】 Make every selfie look fancy with high-quality AR makeup. 【Super HD beauty】 Taking HD night shots: Light up your face with soft light and avoid the unwanted silhouette. 【Cutie fuction】 Party fun: enjoy hundreds of special AR effects. 【Advanced Soft Focus】 You can now blur the background and erase the bypassers with one tap. 【Excluasive special effects for pet】 Exclusive for our fur babies, accurate identification of pet facial features. 【Full Body Mode】 Transform the full-body. Get that perfect golden ratio. -------BeautyCam VIP------- 【Teleprompter】 Smartphone recording tool! With our teleprompter, you would never forget the line and freeze. 【180+ exclusive materials】 Free to use for member-exclusive filters, AR cutie, makeup style, detailed makeup, and other materials (except for materials specially requested by our partners) 【ad-free】 Enjoy a great experience without being interrupted by ads! 【VIP exclusive function】 Experience aesthetic medicine level retouching, such as skin booster to rejuvenate, skin tone adjustment, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, 3D rhinoplasty, lip filler, etc. ----Follow BeautyCam on the social media----- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautycam.app/

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