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Automatic shuffling for Loteria Mexicana, With voice and sound! All the letters !. Run and Run! Enjoy family time to the fullest with the ORIGINAL deck of the Mexican Lottery. Take advantage of the functions and characteristics that Mexican lottery cards offer you: *Quick Shuffle! No more repeated letters, nor the same winner. Each game is totally different thanks to the shuffling system of the number one Mexican lottery application. *Sung letters! Avoid confusion! This App has the option to sing the letters that are coming out, connect the speaker to your mobile so that everyone can listen to the letter. *Record! Just as if you had the cards in your hands, you can check which cards have been dealt, and the order. In case there is someone distracted in the group! *Eligible Funds Enjoy 4 backgrounds to choose from for your App *Options You can customize your App with the different options that Corre y Se Va has for you. * Variety of Voices. You can choose between 4 voices or just record your own voice. *Record your own voices Now you can record your own voices for the cards! *Add or Modify existing letters Now you can add new cards, in case there are any cards you want to include in the shuffle. If you don't like an image, or want to change it, you can do it without any problem, you have control. *Children's interface Now in options, you can activate the children's mode, it is a new easy-to-understand interface for children, so we can transmit the traditional Mexican lottery to the new generation. *Sound effects With the children's interface, it is now possible to play fun sound effects for the little ones, so family time will be more fun. *Music Now with the children's interface, you can also play music and make the lottery game more fun, composed by Joseph Lariat, especially for this application!. Connect the cell phone to the speaker and start playing! Thank you very much for using our app! Original application of Don Clemente. This app uses your Advertising ID. You can choose not to share it. Traditional Mexican Lottery Games Completely free. Free games.

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