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Want to rap? AutoRap transforms your speech into rap (and corrects bad rapping) With AutoRap you always have a platform to share your raps and rhymes. Duplicate your favorite rap album with your voice or use top beats to make something all your own. Choose from over 5000+ beats by top artists like Cardi B, Post Malone, Drake, Eminem and Dr.Dre, our own AutoRap "Originals" or numerous community uploaded beats by other rappers and producers. Share your raps with friends, build your audience, and enjoy competing with creators just like you. Create unique raps in just a few taps Create a rap track in just a few easy steps. Just choose your beat and go for it – AutoRap provides high-quality audio for your recordings and make them sound smooth and polished. Try AutoRap for instant pitch-correction fun Just speak into your phone’s microphone and listen as AutoRap morphs your speech into a unique rap with pitch-correction and a beat-matching flow. Practice and improve your flow with a variety of beats Choose from a large library of instrumental beats— from all-time classics to the newest and hottest hip hop & RnB hits. Or, check out something totally unique from community-uploaded beats. We add new beats to the songbook 3 times per week so there’s always something new to try out. Meet and compete against other rappers Rapping doesn’t have to be solo. Join the AutoRap community and get inspired by other creators with the same passion. Share your raps, meet new people, and make a name for yourself with every rhyme. Take on challenges from other rappers or create one of your own. Once you complete a challenge, AutoRap blends the rap-offs into a single track for a direct comparison of your unique styles. Bring your own beats to create original rhymes Have an original beat of your own? Upload it to AutoRap to seamlessly lay your verses on top. You can even encourage other rappers from the community to try it out and create something with your beat. Hundreds of other producers are already on the app collaborating on new beats. Share your raps and grow your audience Rap your truth and share what matters to you. Whether you have a lot to say or don’t know where to begin, your story matters. Share your recordings on social media so your friends can see and support your rhymes. Invite others to join and try a new way to create and have fun. Features: -Mobile recording studio: Easily record a rap song in minutes, regardless of skill level -Lenses: Level up your rap recordings with audio and video effects made for self-expression -FREE Beats and Instrumentals: Choose from over 5000+ beats from top artists, AutoRap Originals and community producers. -Freestyle: Practice and improve your freestyle verses and show off your rap skills -Share on social: Promote your songs on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and more -Community: Join thousands of other rappers and link up with inspirational creators -Rap Battles: Showcase your skills and compete with creators in the community -Bring Beats: Upload your own beat or explore what others have created -Leaderboards: See top tracks from the community and grow your following through contests and challenges -Remix: Recreate your rap using different beats -Subscribe to VIP - Subscribe and get access to all features, unlimited storage and VIP profile badge! - Read our privacy policy at https://www.smule.com/privacy - Read our terms of use at https://www.smule.com/termsofservice Download now and show the world what it’s been missing.

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