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AppHacks.co.uk Forum Comes To Android The official android app for AppHacks.co.uk is here Join the AppHacks community Find 100's of useful topics from game exploits to useful tips to crack your game and play it your own way! * Meet other people in the community * Get notification's of the latest topics from the android forums * Post and read new threads * Private message other users * Earn reputation, like useful threads * Join our premium membership for exclusive content * Cheats for all the top games * Rooting tutorials Check the forum out for more features AppHacks is a free to join forum but does allow users to signup to premium for the right to access content provided by fellow premium members The AppHacks Forum app is a great way to keep up to date and post threads on the go! Although the app is packed with most of AppHacks's features it can not hold all of them so for a full feature packed forum experience you can visit AppHacks through your browser at http://www.apphacks.co.uk/forum

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