Find APN Settings and Unlock Phone, All in One APN: Find APN Settings and Unlock Phone, All in One App! Unlock your phone to Save Money (Highly Recommended) Top Features: Find APN , Phone Data Settings so you can use your phone data. APN manager tool that helps you set up your APN settings - Access Point Name - for Internet and MMS connection. Super cool and easy-to-use tool for setting up mobile internet and MMS - 3G GPRS EDGE MMS - APN settings specific to your network operator / provider / carrier on your Android. ---Switching APN'S-- Typically, your APN is auto-configured or auto-detected for your phone or tablet and you don't need to make any changes to the APN on your device to get data service on your device. Wireless carriers have different pricing for different APNs; switching from one to another can change you from one type of data plan to another, but make a mistake and it can also cause problems and additional charges on your wireless bill, so fiddling with the APN isn't advised. However, there are a few reasons people switch their APNs or modify them: * The APN settings are not correct (you get error messages like "Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service"). * You have an unlocked phone and want to use it with a different carrier. * You're on a prepaid plan and don't want to spend your minutes on mobile data. * You're traveling outside of your wireless provider's service area and want to avoid data roaming charges.

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