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An easy-to-use tuning app where you can share sound settings with other users. Improved version with new features. The Alpine TuneIt app turns your Android® smartphone into an interface for custom sound tuning and more! Sound Tuning Right from Your Android® smartphone Download the TuneIt app and connect your Android® smartphone via Bluetooth to an Alpine TuneIt app ready head unit. Your Android® smartphone instantly becomes a sound tuning control center. As you change settings on the Android® smartphone you can instantly hear the results, so you can customize the sound exactly as you want it. Sound tuning choices include: 6-channel Digital Time Correction, 9-Band Parametric EQ, and Crossovers. TuneIt now also links to Alpine's BASS ENGINE SQ technology featured in the new head units. You can control BASS ENGINE SQ settings within the app and also select the Alpine speaker models that you are using in your car, so the sound settings will automatically to match your system. For quicker setting, five BASS ENGINE SQ presets are provided. With your vehicle and speakers entered into the TuneIt app, you can easily download Alpine recommended, vehicle and system specific, sound settings that are optimized for your set up. Share Your Sound Settings with Other Alpine Fans After tuning your system, upload your settings to the Alpine Cloud Server to share them with other TuneIt users. You can also check out other user’s settings and rate them. Download high rated or interesting settings and try them in your car. User TuneIt submissions will keep growing so check back often to see new ones. Compatible Alpine Radios For United States 2018: X209-WRA-OR, iLX-F309, i207-WRA 2017: X209-WRA, X208U, INE-W977HD, INE-W960HDMI, INE-W960SHDMI, i209 series, iLX-207 2016: X109, CDE-163BT, UTE-62BT 2015: X110 series, X108U, INE-W967HD, INE-W960, INE-W960S, CDE-W265BT, CDE-164BT For Europe 2018: iLX-F903D 2017: X902D series, X902DC-F, INE-W710D, INE-710DC, X802DC-U, X802D series, X702D series, INE-W990HDMI, iLX-702D, i902D series 2016: CDE-196DAB, UTE-92BT, UTE-93DAB, CDE-193BT 2015: X901D, X801D-U, X701D, INE-W997E series, INE-W997D, INE-W990BT, CDE-W296BT, CDE-195BT For Southeast Asia 2018: iLX-F309E 2017: iLX-702D 2016: CDE-163EBT, UTE-62EBT 2015: INE-W960E, CDE-W265EBT, CDE-164EBT For Australia 2017: X208AU, INE-W977A, ILX-702D 2016: X901D, CDE-163EBT, UTE-62EBT 2015: X801D-U, X108AU, INE-W997D, INE-W960A, CDE-W265EBT, CDE-164EBT For China 2017: UTX-A09 2016: X109-WRA 2015: X009-WRA, CDE-164EBT Please visit the Alpine TuneIt App support page for more information. http://www.alpine.com/e/app/a/alpinetuneitapp/support/ Note: Please use an accessible email address to create an account. If you have not received your verification email, please check your spam folder.

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