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Device Manager & Security Settings for Businesses ⚙️ FEATURES / USAGE: 📤 Stop OTA software updates with the red shield button. Lock icon will turn green when enabled. ⚡ Secure Charge allows you to charge your device safely by restricting USB data-transfer. 📱 Remote factory reset. Remotely lock devices tied to your account if lost or stolen. * We are working to add more Device Owner features. 🔹 Manage your company device(s). Disable applications / packages and OTA software updates 🔹 ROOT SUPPORT is available and works with limited capabilities. 🛡️ REGISTER ACCOUNT: To use Shield visit AllianceX.org and register for a free account. Gmail accounts cannot contain a "DOT" in address, those are linked to spam. An example of what NOT to use when registering: ❌ [email protected] use [email protected] instead Not sure WHY? Check here ➡️ support.google.com/mail/answer/7436150 📧 Check email to verify your account after registering. If you do not receive a verification email check your spam folder or join our discord to have it manually activated. 🆘 Need help? 🆘 You have 3 options: - Join our discord ➡️ https://discord.gg/YzYfgWP and open a 🎫, - Visit AllianceX.org/shield - or post directly on our forums at AllianceX.org 🗣️ LANGUAGES: The Shield supports 6 additional languages outside of English: French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, & Arabic. The shield uses your default device language if supported. If your language is not supported and you would like to translate, reach out to @Novares or @RRiVEN on our Discord server. 🗂️ Package Manager / Features - Disable - Prevent Uninstall - Wipe App Data - Reboot (remote) - Secure Charge -Android 11+ you must grant QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES -Device Administrator permissions are required

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