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An app for managing your personal, company, institutional or trading accounts. This APP is transaction based. SELECTING RIGHT TRANSACTION TYPE IS ESSENTIAL FOR PROPER ACCOUNTING USING THIS APP. To initialize the account: use CASH AT HAND to set the liquid money in your possession. Use BALANCE to initialize each account holding your money (bank, debtor, creditor etc.). Use ASSET to initialize the asset count and value in your possession. The transaction types INCOME and EXPENSE are self explanatory. BALANCE ADDED is the transaction type used to increase the balance amount of any head of account. Each BALANCE ADDED transaction reduces the cash at hand by the same amount as the deposit made to the account. This transaction is used for deposit in bank or lending to a person. BALANCE DIMINISHED is the transaction type used for Withdrawal from bank account. The same is the transaction type used for receiving money from somebody as a payment for or as loan. This transaction increases cash at hand and reduces the balance position of the respective head of account. ASSET ADDED is the transaction type used for acquiring new asset or property. It reduces cash at hand and increases the asset value by the same amount. This transaction requires the number of items (count) acquired through the transaction. ASSET DISPOSED is the transaction used for selling a property. This transaction takes the count of items disposed. It reduces the number of asset items, reduces the value of asset belonging to the particular head of account and increases the cash at hand. Some transactions require double entries. Following are the typical situations requiring double transaction entries: 1) Bill paid from an account - requires one BALANCE DIMISHED (bank account or credit card account) and one EXPENSE transaction with the same amount value but different head of account. 2) Fund transferred from one account to another - requires one BALANCE DIMINISHED (source account) and a BALANCE ADDED (destination account). Both transactions have identical money value. 3) Purchase of property from an account - one BALANCE DIMINISHED transaction followed by another ASSET ADDED transaction. 4) Salary deposited in account - one INCOME transaction and another BALANCE ADDED transaction. 5) Interest/Dividend received - one INCOME transaction followed by another BALANCE ADDED transaction. 6) For purchase of a property from an account - one BALANCE DIMINISHED transaction followed by an ASSET ADDED transaction. 7) For selling a property and getting the proceeds in a bank account - one ASSET DISPOSED transaction followed by one BALANCE ADDED transaction. For other situations, suitably conjure up the transaction combinations. Description is anything meaningful to remember the purpose of the transaction, similar to the remarks made in bank transactions. It helps to clarify the situation. Head of account is the name provided for grouping the expense, income, balance or asset types in easily identifiable heads of account. The amount entered in the amount column is the transaction value. Any mistakes made in transaction entry may be corrected by pressing Review Transaction button. It fetches a list of items. Click the wrong transaction. A separate dialog opens to permit editing of the values. Pressing I date button saves the changes. Pressing Delete button deletes that particular record from the database. I should be happy ro receive suggestions regarding the app. Pressing Export button creates text file containing all the transactions and permits sharing of the same over any available means. This file can be sent to another device or computer, copied to the clipboard and then imported into account manager. Pressing Import button acquires transaction entries from the from a backup file, either saved previously or received through sharing. Depending upon the number of records, the app may freeze for a while. Wait with patience till the app becomes sane again. Carry your net worth wherever you go!

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