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Second phone number app for anonymous texting & calling, text & call me now Make your personal number private by using a second phone number. Telos phone number app is great for business, dating and social media sign-up. Why Telos? ★ Pick a U.S. Phone number in any area code ★ Unlimited calling and texting ★ Save a lot on cheap international calls and SMS ★ A second phone number for business, private or temporary use ★ Add a burner number for anonymous calls & texts ★ Private phone number for social media sign-up ★ Get a good cell phone number without an extra SIM card ☞ 2nd Phone Number A Telos phone number is a real mobile phone number so it can do exactly the same things as a cell phone number from phone company ✓ It can receive calls and SMS from any person ✓ You can use the phone number as the contact phone number for your bank accounts, utilities and websites ✓ It can even be ported out to your phone company if you like ✓ Set up voicemail and auto reply messages ✓ Block unwanted calls & messages ✓ Set up call forwarding to any landline and mobile ✓ Perfect for traveling overseas. Your friends and family in the U.S. can reach you without long distance ☞ Worldwide Phone Numbers Telos provides international phone numbers for many countries: . United States . United Kingdom . Canada . Spain . Netherlands . Sweden . Belgium . … ☞ Save On International Calling & Texting - Make cheap even free international calls to any phone number in over 200 countries - Low cost international calling plans are available to countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Nigeria… - Send international texts to any mobile device worldwide at super low rates - Your friends don’t need to have the Telos app to receive your texts ☞ Protect your personal privacy with Telos * Get a disposable number to help you stay private and anonymous * “Burn” the number with just a click so you no longer receive calls and texts * Burned numbers will immediately go out of service and will be deleted from your phone. You can then get one, two, three, or more new phone numbers with the same features ☞ Clear Voice A Telos phone number works perfectly even if you have a bad (or even no) cellular signal. With Telos’ HD voice technology, most calls have superior clarity when compared to existing, regular phone service. Telos, the best phone number app was created to free you from your phone company. Pick a second phone number now! ♥ Learn more at http://www.telosapp.com ♥ Follow us at http://twitter.com/telosapp ♥ Like us at http://facebook.com/telosapp ♥ Need Help? http://telosapp.com/support

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